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Not only specialized in treatment of general pigmented lesions, but also utilizing DUAL-Q mode for effective skin rejuvenation and melasma treatment. With deeper skin penetration depth, the 1064nm laser treats pigmented lesion in the dermal layer (e.g Nevus of Ota, ABNOM, tattoo and melasma) while the 532nm laser comes in shorter wavelength, its high melanin and hemoglobin characteristics enable to treat epidermal lesions (e.g freckles, age spots and solar lentigines).


  • • Melasma
  • • Pigmented lesions
  • • Tattoo removal
  • • Nevus of Ota
  • • Freckles / Age Spots / Lentigo
  • • Café Au Lait
  • • Laser Toning
  • • Skin Rejuvenation and texture improvement
  • • Carbon peel